In the world of natural wellness and eco-friendly remedies, we have the exquisite selection of organic teas. Our digestive tea bags and detox teas are thoughtfully crafted to nurture your body and promote a sense of calm and balance.

Gentle on your stomach, our digestive tea blend is a soothing companion after a hearty meal. We've carefully curated a harmonious infusion of organic herbs and botanicals, such as hibiscus, ginger, and antibacterial properties to aid digestion. Sip slowly, and feel the comforting warmth embrace you from the inside out. Our flavors include lemongrass with ginger, hibiscus, and kaffir lime.  

In a world where our modern meals are filled with toxins, we offer detox tea for cleansing that will refresh your body and spirit. Embrace the ritual of sipping this tea, allowing it to purify not just your body but also your mind. Start each day with a clean slate and renewed vitality. Check out our cleansing tea, crafted from cassie, java, misai kuching and garcinia for the ultimate detoxification drink.

Let our digestive tea bags and detox tea be your panacea on your journey to a healthier, more balanced life. Buy our tea selections now!

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Tanamera Lemongrass With Ginger Tea
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Tanamera Lemongrass With Ginger Tea

A combination of two tropical herbs t...

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Tanamera Cleansing Tea

Our concoction of Cassia Tea, Java Te...

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Tanamera Hibiscus Tea


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Tanamera Kaffir Lime Tea

Calming and refreshing, this plant is...

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