Hair and Body Travel Set (Clearance)


Please read these terms very carefully before making your purchase. 

Expiry: November 2023


Disclaimer: Products...

Please read these terms very carefully before making your purchase. 

Expiry: November 2023


Disclaimer: Products may include defected boxes, stickers and various forms of cosmetic defects on the physical surface of the product. Also various quantity of “scratches”, “marks", "dents", "abrasions", and "discolouration" from age. Colours and specifications listed may vary. Stocks are available while stocks last. This “Clearance Sales” promotion is not valid in conjunction with any other promotions or offers, and is on a “first come, first served” basis.

Tanamera Hair and Body travel set contains:

Body wash (30 ml)

Tanamera body wash is formulated mainly with plant-derived cleanser that is gentle and biodegradable. Natural in the most real sense, Tanamera body wash will leave you wanting more.

Body moisturiser (30 gram)

Infused with aromatherapy grade essential oils Tanamera body moisturiser protect and deodorise skin in the kindest most natural way. Tanamera’s personal care products contain 100% Natural Actives and Base materials and guaranteed to contain no harmful and toxic chemicals.

Brown formulation body soap (20 gram)

Tanamera brown formulation is a best seller and will change your idea of a shower. Use of the soap will invigorate skin and will result in skin that is evenly toned and smooth. The presence of rice grains in the soap produces a gritty surface that will help in removing dead skin cells and at the same time improve blood circulation. Herbs like turmeric and wild ginger helps reduce minor skin issues such as rashes and itchiness.

Hair shampoo (30 ml)

The best way to maintain hair health is to wash our scalp daily. This is best done with a cleanser to remove excess oils without harsh chemicals such as
Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS). Tanamera Scalp Cleanser is uniquely formulated using Polygala tenuifolia extract that helps protect against hair
loss and promotes hair growth.

Hair conditioner (30 ml)

Tanamera Scalp & Hair Revitaliser effectively restores scalp environment following cleansing.It is formulated with Polygala tenuifolia extract that restore deficiencies of the hair and scalp, a common cause of hair loss.