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Brown Formulation Body Soap

Fragrant roots, turmeric, wild gi...

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Tanamera Post Natal Care Set

Tanamera Post Natal Care Set has ...

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Essential Oil Lavender

Tanamera Essential Oils are caref...

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Herbal Massage Oil

Specially concocted massage oil t...

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Clarifying Hibiscus Body Soap

Tanamera Clarifying Hibiscus body...

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Herbal Bath
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Herbal Bath

Combination of highly aromatic he...

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Black Formulation Facial Soap

Made with Palm kernel oil, Rice, ...

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Kidz Baby Spot Massage Oil W/ Organic VCO

A massage a day with Tanamera Kid...

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Ginger Blend Massage Oil

A blend of oils targeted to relie...

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Essential Oil Relaxing Blend

Tanamera Relaxing blend is harmon...

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Feminine Herbal Wash

A mixture of aromatic herbs high ...

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Aroma Stone

Tanamera Aroma Stone is clean, sa...

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Kidz Baby Full Body Massage Oil + Organic VCO

Let your baby experience your tou...

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Scalp Cleanser Shampoo

Uniquely formulated using Poly...

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Tanamera Hair Strengthening Shampoo

This gentle natural shampoo nouri...

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Rose Floral Water

The scent of Rose is known for it...

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Toning Green Coffee Body Soap

Tanamera Toning Green Coffee soap...

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Green Formulation Body Soap

Besides helping to combat body od...

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Essential Oil Peppermint
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Essential Oil Peppermint

Tanamera Essential Oil are carefu...

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Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer

All natural anti-bacterial Han...

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Ageless Face Serum

Tanamera Ageless serum is care...

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Mild Facial Wash
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Mild Facial Wash

A refreshing, mild facial cleanse...

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Kidz Shampoo + Body Wash

Sulfate, a common ingredient in c...

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