Tanamera means Red Earth in the Malay language; a fitting name for our range of products as each one is carefully made from raw materials sourced from rich and luscious tropical rainforests. This product range is created based on Asian tropical spa treatments and is conveniently packaged to be used at home, while traveling, or for use in professional spas.

On top of that, Tanamera is committed to making products that suit all types of needs, from halal personal care products to vegan-friendly skin care products. There’s always something for everyone from Tanamera.

Tanamera’s logo also personifies everything we represent – natural remedies, eco-friendly products and packaging, traditional Asian treatments, and the healing power of tropical herbs and essences.


Back in 1995, three siblings in Malaysia were starting their company with nothing more than a small makeshift factory and the dream of a “natural” business, much before the concept of environmentalism even became popular. Just a decade later, this small family business was firmly etched into the natural products industry.

The first big milestone for the three siblings, Faridah, Fauziah and Faisal, was in 1999 – the year they completed the construction of their RM 1.5 million GMP certified natural products factory. Here, they got into the business of formulating, designing and manufacturing health supplements for companies both in Malaysia and abroad. However, they still wanted to achieve their dream of a making a truly natural product range targeted to the international market. So the family then established FA Herbs Sdn. Bhd. as a preferred contract manufacturer to put their goal into action and Brand Tanamera was born!

Created in the year 2000, Tanamera provided an opportunity for Faridah, Fauziah and Faisal to be creative and experiment in the formulation and design of a natural product range. The first products were natural herbal soaps and essential oil mists. They stuck true to their dream and created products that were completely natural from top to bottom, even the product packaging was made of unbleached recycled paper! Not one toxic chemical, artificial colour or fragrance is used in Tanamera products – both then and now.

The direction of Tanamera’s product line diverted slightly in 2003 when the company partnered with a German organization focused on expanding into the flourishing home spa market. Together, they tailored the Tanamera line into a complete spa range by adding products such as body scrubs, massage oils, body masks and incense sticks. Now, Tanamera has almost 80 core products in its retail line with another 80 products in its professional spa line, an achievement that is the result of uncompromising focus on using tropical ingredients and an emphasis on Malay beauty treatments.


The inception and growth of Tanamera, the founders never lost focus on their core objective – offering a truly natural product range. The majority of products come in powder form in order to eliminate the use of chemicals and preservatives; those that come in liquid or paste form are preserved with a blend of herbal actives and essential oil preservatives.

Our efforts in maintaining the integrity of a natural product range was officially celebrated in 2005 when we were awarded the Good Design Award (“G-Mark”) by Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization (JIDPO). G-Mark is Japan’s only synthetic design evaluation and recommendation system which is based on a “Good Design Selection System” established by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry of Japan in 1957. Tanamera has also won numerous local awards including the best Home Spa products in the 2009 Malaysian Wellness Awards.


Since 2003, Tanamera’s professional line of products have been used in spas around the world. The earthy and natural products have been extremely well received by the wellness and spa industry and are a favourite in many high end establishments


“Malaysian beauty treatments can be traced back nearly a thousand years and are highly influenced by local Malay, Arab, Chinese, Indian, Javanese and many other cultures that have resided in Malaysia over generations.

Traditionally, Malay beauty treatments are family secrets handed down from generation to generation and rarely shared outside the home. However, with younger generations showing less interest in the traditional beauty treatments, older generations are more willing to share so the art does not die out due to a lack of practitioners. So, what was once practiced behind closed doors by midwives, healers and wedding planners, or more commonly known as “mak andam”, are now revived and shared with others to keep the art of Malay beauty treatments alive.

Tanamera Wellness Spas set out to popularize this art by adopting traditional Malay treatments in the spa menu. Combined with the use of our award winning natural range of spa products, clients receive the experience of a relaxing tropical journey.

Since 2008, we have mentored entrepreneurs who want to integrate traditional Malay spa concepts into their facilities with the Tanamera Wellness Spa licensing program . The Tanamera team, with the help of associate spa consultants, creates menus and protocols, and then equips spas with locally trained therapists.There are currently six Tanamera Wellness Spas in locations around Malaysia.


“Green Amenities” is a new project by Tanamera. It is a line of vegan friendly skin care hotel products that are environmentally sensitive, natural and made with the best herbal ingredients. The market has been receptive as more and more hotel guests are looking for natural offerings. Tanamera “Green amenities” contain:

  • Natural actives from botanical complexes that have been proven effective
  • High percentages of botanical complexes compared to most products in the market. Other products labelled as “natural” contain very small amount of botanicals
  • Natural base from plant ingredients to support the natural actives. Generally, many cosmetics touted as “natural” turn out to be purely an advertising gimmick. Cosmetics called “natural” or “certified organic” can still contain additives, preservatives and synthetic colouring agents.
  • Ingredients that are pure and mild to the hair and skin
  • No artificial fragrance, no colouring, no toxic chemicals, no artificial preservatives
  • A natural preservative complex made from herbal extracts and essential oils that is patented in the USA

We are currently working with a hotel amenities supplier to approach eco-conscious hoteliers interested in establishing environmentally friendly properties with a line of amenities that will help protect our planet.

Recycled Packaging Material
No Animal Testing
All Natural Plant Actives
No Artificial Perfume, Colouring or Preservatives