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Tanamera Post Natal Care Set Malaysia

Tanamera postnatal care set has been designed according to traditional Malay after birth therapies, which have helped new mothers cope with the stress after delivery for hundreds of years. Such traditional products are essential, as they help soothe and calm the mind, which enhances recovery. The elements of each product are 100% formulated from plant-based ingredients in Malaysia. 


Our postnatal care package in Malaysia embodies a soothing ritual that nurtures both body and mind during this transformative time. Crafted exclusively with plant-based ingredients sourced from Malaysia, each element within the set contributes to the holistic well-being of new mothers.


Choose Tanamera's postnatal care package, a tribute to tradition and a testament to the healing power of nature. Get a post natal care package from Tanamera today!

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Tanamera Post Natal Care Set

Tanamera Post Natal Care Set has been...

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